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Irum & Murtaza
27 March 2011
I myself had been registered with almost 1.5 years, met several people, but never really felt the connection there, always felt that I would be compromising if I were to marry them. I was starting to feel that this whole this was very difficult, since I was confused about who to progress things with. Even when I did try to progress, my heart just wouldn't let me commit to anything and therefore I kept searching for my prince. Then, on August 9th 2009, we met. And we never looked back. We met in parks, played like children, enjoying every minute of eachothers company, the excitment and attraction was exhilarating. We also discovered that we shared the same surname and same date of both (month and date) - it was meant to be! We quickly fell in love even though we didn't admit it, but our families were also so excited. He proposed to me over a bridge at an amazing restaurant, and we got married on December 12th 2009. We have been married over a year, and going to turkey next month for our first proper holiday together. We are still in love as much as back then, and can't thank enough for making this happen for us. For those of you who don't believe there is someone out there for you, TRUST ME THERE IS! you just have to find them, and if can help you do that then go for it! never give up hope
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